Another milestone achieved! We’re excited to announce Espresso B2B Marketing merging with eMa.
Another milestone achieved! We’re excited to announce Espresso B2B Marketing merging with eMa.

Website Redesign Tips: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost ROI

Undergoing a website redesign is an incredible adventure for any organization; if done right, however, the rewards are well worth the investment.

At Espresso B2B, we believe that businesses should employ a design strategy that combines marketing efforts with top-notch design. When inbound marketing elements (search engine optimization, engaging content, call-to-action buttons, landing pages, etc.) are combined with great design and easy-to-use navigation, smart businesses can unearth a benefit that many B2B companies hunt for in a redesign, but seldom find: the lost ROI.

So, put your Indiana Jones hats on and discover a few website redesign tips that’ll help supercharge the ROI on your project.

Set firm website redesign milestones, but also, expect the unexpected.

The redesign process often involves collecting and distilling input from multiple stakeholders and customers which then must be communicating to designers and developers working on the project. The process is also iterative and requires pre- and post-design usability testing to measure the success of the venture. If done right, however, the rewards are well worth the investment.

Like many expeditions, website redesigns sometimes go much longer than initially expected. To avoid common business booby traps, here are few website redesign tips to keep the project in scope and in line:

However, as Indiana Jones knows, you can plan for almost every contingency, there is always an element of the unknown in every adventure. Stay flexible and regularly adjust your milestones so you won’t be side-swiped by the unknown boulder.

Combine lead generation and performance with great design.

At Espresso B2B, we don’t believe in creating a beautiful website that won’t convert visitors into leads. We also don’t believe in ugly websites with all the right inbound marketing elements.

Before implementing a design, ask yourself.

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  • Are your prospects scared off by the current design? They may be attracted by the content, but does the design communicate the success you promise to your customers?
  • Is it easy for your team to add fresh content and make updates?
  • When complete, how will the current website attract more leads?
  • Is it SEO optimized?
  • Are you making changes based on your taste or your prospects?


One of the most memorable moments of any Indiana Jones trilogy was in Raiders of the Lost Ark; a Cairo swordsman approaches Indiana Jones to challenge to him to a fight. After the swordsman over-demonstrates his skills with the sword, Indiana simply pulls out his gun and shoots the Cairo swordsman, thus eliminating the threat without the lavish fight.

My advice is to shoot right at the heart of your prospect’s needs. If your website isn’t helping to nurture your prospects and to further funnel progression, find out why and add those pathways to your next redesign. Also, just as you shouldn’t add visual elements to your website just for show, your inbound marketing contents should be streamlined, value-added, and to-the point. Don’t use 100 words when 5 will do.

Choose your web site designer and developers wisely.

As the Grail Knight advised Indiana Jones and his father to choose the true grail instead of the false one, you should also choose your website designers and developers wisely.

Make sure that you select a web design team that understands design as well as marketing and lead generation. You should also not select a designer just because you secured a great deal. A website design is an incredible investment and your partners in the project should be selected with care.

We recommend that businesses just getting started on their redesign first brainstorm how they want your website to attract prospects and then convert them into leads. We also think it’s best to work with a B2B marketing agency or redesign company to prepare SEO research and plan out the lead generation engine that will drive business. After this process is complete, it will be easier for a designer to create a great design that builds trust in your brand and an identity for your business. If you work with a B2B Marketing Agency, you also will be in a better position to build on the initial effort and tie in any future social media, SEO, and lead generation needs.

More ROI boosting Tips:

[bra_list style=’check-list’]

  • Measure and record existing stats, such as traffic or leads, as a baseline for measuring performance after your redesign.
  • Test the navigation and design elements throughout the process.
  • Make the website conversational. Avoid gobbeldygook and filler language by working with an experienced copywriter.
  • Complete all SEO research early in the project.
  • Create high value content for download and place that content throughout your site with clear calls to action.[/bra_list]
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