Another milestone achieved! We’re excited to announce Espresso B2B Marketing merging with eMa.
Another milestone achieved! We’re excited to announce Espresso B2B Marketing merging with eMa.

5 Ghastly Habits a B2B Marketing Agency Can Help You Break

When you think of bad habits, what springs to mind? Smoking? Nail-biting? Overeating? These are just a few of the nasty habits that millions of individuals attempt to break every year, often spending a lot of money in the process. Businesses also suffer from their own vices which (left unchecked) can stifle the organization’s lead generation efforts and result in loss of opportunity.

An effective B2B marketing agency can help you to curb the most appalling of bad marketing habits and get you back on track. In the process of helping you navigate the constantly evolving marketing landscape, they can create interlocking campaigns, identify problem areas, and streamline your lead flow into an abundance of opportunities for your sales team. Here’s a list of hard-to-break bad marketing habits that a modern and effective B2B marketing agency can help your business evolve beyond:

Your Business is Addicted to PPC

Spending most of your online budget on PPC can be a nasty habit that can seriously inflate your overall cost-per-lead ratio. However a B2B marketing agency that specializes in SEO solutions can help you implement a strategy that brings in organic, relevant search traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. Plus, an SEO strategy that is tied into an overall content marketing strategy can greatly increase the value of your website’s pages so that the traffic you do send from paid search stays on your website to find the value of your products and services!

Sales Can’t Stop Cold-Calling

Even though millions of consumers now have caller ID build directly into their phones and can screen out unwanted cold calls, your sales team might have the nasty habit of turning to the phone for new leads ever time. An effective B2B marketing agency can work with your organization to help your business get found online through inbound marketing. They can implement a strategy that will help you attract, engage and nurture your leads organically through a complex sales cycle. When the lead is purchase ready, your sales will find an educated customer warm enough to do business with them instead of a cold lead. They will be more qualified, more familiar with your brand, and thusly, easier for your sales team to effectively close and retain over time.

Landing pages should be optimized to convert your leads in an instant. If your website’s landing page isn’t designed to keep important information above the fold (re: you don’t want you prospect to scroll to see all the information, especially on a laptop screen!) or if your page isn’t optimized to attract visitors in organic search, you may need a landing page intervention from a skilled inbound B2B marketing agency. Work with them to test and build effective landing pages which convert more visitors to leads you can nurture down the funnel.

You’re a Lead Generation Couch Potato

Expecting instant results from a one-off, single marketing event is like expecting to lose 50 pounds after a walk around the block. To achieve your lead generation goals, you’ll need to interlink multiple marketing events (landing pages, white papers, social media, SEO) together into a regimen that works for your business. Just like an athlete will offset their calorie intake with fat-burning exercises, your business should offset the money you spend on your marketing events by building content that will only become more valuable over time as it collects more inbound links and recognition through your various marketing platforms.

Your Business is Anti-Social

Today, Google + announced that it officially has 40 million members, only 2 months after launch! Facebook and Twitter are absolute giants with 700 million members combined. With the number of hours that individuals are spending on these services, it’s unnatural for any business not to try to tap into them. Still, many businesses avoid social media because they don’t understand its value to their business or how to work it into their current strategy. If you’re struggling with understanding how to make your company more social on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, a B2B Marketing Agency can help you build and navigate the services to benefit your business.

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