Another milestone achieved! We’re excited to announce Espresso B2B Marketing merging with eMa.
Another milestone achieved! We’re excited to announce Espresso B2B Marketing merging with eMa.

B2B Content Strategy Agency

A Content Strategy is Essential to B2B Marketing Success

Online Workshop

The B2B Content Strategy Builder

Espresso was founded as a B2B content strategy agency over ten years ago. During this time, we’ve noticed that companies with a thoughtful content strategy (an actual written strategy) have better content marketing results than companies with no content strategy. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) found that the most successful B2B marketers -nearly 70% of them – have a written content strategy. On the other hand, only 16% of the least successful B2B marketers have one. CMI concluded that having a written content strategy is essential for B2B marketing success.

But not just any content strategy will lead to success. The more time and effort you put into creating your content strategy, the more likely it will lead you to success. You need a proven process for creating a winning B2B content strategy. That’s where Espresso’s B2B Content Strategy Builder comes in. Our online B2B Content Strategy Strategy Builder workshop will lead you to design a strategy focused on creating and distributing purposeful, relevant content that consistently attracts and retains a clearly defined audience – your target buyer.

Espresso’s B2B Content Strategy Builder is designed to provide results for those:

  • Just getting started with content marketing, but don’t know where to start.
  • Experienced with content marketing, but not getting the results you need.
  • Concerned that you’re wasting limited marketing resources creating the wrong type of content.
  • Feeling pressured to deliver better marketing results.
B2B Content Strategy Service

We'll Help You Build a Better Strategy

We’ve packed 10 years’ worth of experience that comes from operating as a content strategy agency into our B2B Content Strategy Builder online workshop. The workshop modules are purposeful in progression, building valuable insights and delivering a content strategy unique to your business that will:

  • Earn a higher return for your marketing investment by better identifying and engaging
    your target buyers.
  • Methodically create and distribute content that is effective and supports your business
  • Leverage content to boost your brand reputation and improve lead generation.


Client Testimonials

We wanted to drive more engagement with CMOs about our perspective on thought leadership, so we needed resources to help us shape and implement our content marketing.

The team provided a wide range of marketing services, including content strategy, email marketing, and content generation for social media, blogs, and email. In addition to advising us on thought leadership pieces, they also gave us insights on how to structure email campaigns to drive conversions.

Thanks to their email campaigns and thought leadership pieces, we were able to drive a tremendous amount of engagement, which generated more leads and greater conversions. It was a really positive experience, and they went beyond our expectations.

Lu LacourteCEO, Cibo (a brand experience agency)

We were looking at a few different agencies and chose Espresso because we liked the way they think. They’re smart and understand our business, which many people don’t. They had the right answer to every question we were posing, so we knew they’d be a good fit.

Michel BayanCEO, DirectTech (an AI Cloud Start-up)

Espresso has a structured, disciplined approach, so I suggest going into the relationship with an open mind and to trust that their team really knows what they’re doing. What they’re able to bring to the table is worth the investment, so give their process a chance, because finding a vendor with their skill set is hard to come by.

Our lead generation has increased by over 400% since Espresso started working with us consistently. Additionally, the quality of those leads has significantly improved—they’re more qualified compared to previous years.

Bill HarrisonPresident, Demand Management (a SaaS supply chain planning solution)