Why do I blog? It’s all about lead generation.

Why do I blog? That’s an easy one. I don’t blog because it’s a trendy thing to do. I don’t blog because I always dreamed of being a writer. I blog because it’s good for my business. It’s all about lead generation.

Every time we publish a new blog article, the number of visitors to our company’s website spikes for a day or two. When we release two blogs in a week, that week our website will have more visitors than if we publish just one blog in a week. There’s a direct relationship between the number of blog articles that we publish in a week and how much traffic our website gets that week.

What’s the value in having more website visitors? The more visitors our website gets, the more leads we generate, and that drives more sales. It’s really simple math.

More blogs = more website visitors = more leads = more sales

The great thing about generating traffic to our website using blogs is that the traffic is targeted traffic. I blog about how to use internet marketing to generate more sales leads. Anyone who finds one of my blog articles and clicks through to my website is interested in learning more about what I blogged about. This is targeted traffic that we’re generating through blogging.

Every company has their own ratios for converting visitors to leads to sales. I know these rates for my business. And I know these rates for our clients. In fact, often we are hired to improve one of these rates for our clients.

Wondering how to generate more sales leads? If you’re not blogging, you really ought to consider it. If you need help launching a blogging initiative at your company, contact us for a free consultation on getting started with blogging.

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