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These leads suck! Why you must define what constitutes a good lead.

Does your sales team complain about the leads from your marketing team? It’s a common problem. Marketing sends leads over to sales and then complains that sales doesn’t follow-up on the leads. Sales complains that they can’t get through to the prospects, or that the prospects are not interested in meeting with them. “These leads...
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Lessons from my plumber – how to unclog a lead generation pipeline.

How many times has a lead generation program produced poor results? I’d guess it happens a lot more than you’d like. You just can’t get prospects to engage, return calls, or enter into a dialogue.  It took a recent earthquake to give me a few ideas on how to get things rolling. A little over a...
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lead nurturing campaign

Lead nurturing campaign tips and flashbacks to Glengarry Glen Ross

Did the leads come in yet? I used to work in sales for one of the world’s largest consulting companies. Every year we participated in several large trade shows, such as Oracle World, SAP Sapphire, and NRF. Preparing for these events took incredible time and energy. The business case for participating in these events was...
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How Inbound Marketing Helped Mike Get His Mojo Back

I ran into a good friend of mine recently. Mike has been in direct sales for 15 years and has been highly successful. He is a can-do, nothing can stop me type, which has served him well in sales. He has been a consistent recipient of president’s circle awards at annual sales meetings. However, this...
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“Frame” your go-to-market message for a rich dialogue

In her book, ‘eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale’, Ardath Albee describes a persona as: “a composite sketch representative of the customer you serve”. It’s a method of focusing on a prospect or client – bringing them into the mind’s eye – when creating content or building up an e-dialogue for lead generation and inbound...
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Facts, Figures and Features – Are These the Best Way to Sell?

You’re driving down a deserted road when your car hits a pothole and the engine cuts out. The car slowly rolls to a halt by the side of the road. You’re alone, there’s no cell phone reception and there’s no building for miles. You have the choice of trying to fix the problem or sitting...
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