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Dear Espresso B2B – Does Size Matter?

Dear Espresso B2B, We’re an information technology consulting company based in Michigan. We have a marketing department of just one person – that’s me. Our marketing budget is not large, we cannot afford to hire a marketing firm to build a huge presence on the web. Do you have any suggestions on how we can...
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Inbound Marketing 101 – How to Create an Inbound Link Using Anchor Text

One of the key strategies of inbound marketing is to improve your website’s search rankings and to drive more traffic to your website. You can do this by participating in other people’s blogs, discussion groups and social media sites. When you create a new discussion or add a comment to an existing discussion, and link...
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b2b lead nurturing

Mark Twain and Lead Nurturing – Just Get Started – 10 Easy Steps

Getting started with your first lead nurturing campaign doesn't have to be difficult. Here's a simple 10 step plan to get you started.
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Dear Espresso B2B – Should I change my aftershave?

Dear Espresso B2B, I get the whole inbound marketing thing and we’re pretty good at generating interest in our products. Problem is, it’s hard to get face-to-face meetings once we’ve generated initial interest. My boss “Greg” is really on my case to get meetings with these guys, but they keep pushing back. Is it okay to...
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These leads suck! Why you must define what constitutes a good lead.

Does your sales team complain about the leads from your marketing team? It’s a common problem. Marketing sends leads over to sales and then complains that sales doesn’t follow-up on the leads. Sales complains that they can’t get through to the prospects, or that the prospects are not interested in meeting with them. “These leads...
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Lessons from my plumber – how to unclog a lead generation pipeline.

How many times has a lead generation program produced poor results? I’d guess it happens a lot more than you’d like. You just can’t get prospects to engage, return calls, or enter into a dialogue.  It took a recent earthquake to give me a few ideas on how to get things rolling. A little over a...
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lead nurturing campaign

Lead nurturing campaign tips and flashbacks to Glengarry Glen Ross

Are the new leads in? The value of lead nurturing campaigns and flashbacks to the sales classic, Glengarry Glen Ross. Coffee's for closers.
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Facts, Figures and Features – Are These the Best Way to Sell?

Many sales pitches rely too heavily on facts and figures. But decision makers also think intuitively and emotionally. Learn how to re-craft your pitch.
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