Strategy and Planning

Looking for a pick-me-up in your B2B marketing strategy and planning? You’re not alone!

Today, almost half of CMOs and marketing leaders say they don’t have the right skills, people, or tools to achieve their objectives. They’re facing challenges such as:

  • Rapid change in the way buyers select products and services – thanks to social media engagement and internet research.
  • Fragmentation of markets.
  • Difficulty measuring return on marketing dollars spent.
  • Increasingly well informed buyers.
  • The need to constantly generate interesting and engaging content to establish thought leadership.

We refer to this as the marketing managers’ dilemma! And that’s where Espresso B2B comes in. With our full suite of marketing services – from strategy and planning, to content creation, to program deployment and management – we can improve your current go-to-market strategy, or create a new strategy from scratch. It’s what we do well.

One CMO recently told us:

Traditional marketing techniques, like email blasts and cold calling, no longer produce the results we need. We’re working hard to transition to tactics like social media, but we’re still not getting the results we need to build our sales funnel.


Espresso B2B has worked with more than 100 organizations to develop go-to-market strategies and implement productive marketing programs that use the latest inbound marketing strategies and social media techniques. Our continuous marketing model – an always on approach to marketing – can help you generate new leads, build your sales funnel, and achieve your revenue targets.


How does your marketing organization rank against your competition?

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You provided a unique mix of vision and execution skills that leads to a winning formula on how to go to market and to win new prospects. It was a best-of-breed lead generation with little time consumption for the clients.

Head of Channels, IBM Business Partner, February 2009.