Account-Based Advertising Services | Targeted Display Advertising

Account-Based Advertising Services | Targeted Display Advertising

Display (or banner) advertising has been around for years.

Display ads. Banner ads. Call them what you like. They’ve been around for years and until recently, they were not our favorite marketing tactic. Why? There was little ability to target the ads, so you had to buy a ton of impressions, knowing that many non-target buyers would see and possibly click on the ads. Click-through rates were very low. It was a highly inefficient marketing tactic.

That has changed.

It’s now possible to run highly targeted display ad campaigns. It’s now possible to target specific companies; specific job titles; even specific contacts.

It’s exciting.

There are new display advertising platforms available from companies like Demandbase, ListenLoop,  Choozle and Kwanzooo (and numerous others). Using these new technologies, it’s now possible to design display ad campaigns knowing that the ads will be served to your target buyers – and only your target buyers.

Account-based advertising goes well beyond retargeting.

With account-based advertising (ABA), you can specific target job titles at companies in specific industry and geography who have never visited your website. You can target contacts in your marketing or sales funnel. It’s possible to even serve different ads depending on where the contact is in their own buyer’s journey. You can run lead nurturing campaigns using display ads to offer the content.

Targeted display advertising, or ABA, is ideal for B2B marketing. Contact Espresso and we’ll help you launch a targeted display ad campaign today.

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