Account-Based Marketing Services

Account-Based Marketing Services

Ready to give account-based marketing (ABM) a try, or simply not satisfied with the results you’re getting from your programs?

Account-based marketing can be a very powerful tool to open new opportunities and generate revenue; but it takes more than simply hurling content at one account at a time and hoping for the best. It’s a strategic approach that aligns marketing, sales and post-sales support to deliver value to each account as if it’s a single market.

If you’re selling SaaS or cloud-based solutions, ABM is a must for your organization since you want to be continually up-selling and cross-selling to achieve the maximum revenue from your accounts.

ABM is all about talking to people who are willing and able to buy your solutions. When implemented well – it can be immensely effective. Here are the 10 steps we recommend for a successful ABM program:

  1. Create an ideal customer profile and identify key accounts
  2. Establish a solid account strategy for each account
  3. Align sales, support and marketing organizations
  4. Perform in-depth data gathering and research
  5. Understand the connections between influencers and buyers
  6. Develop comprehensive personas
  7. Deliver personalized content to your audience
  8. Engage across multiple channels and us influencers to amplify your message
  9. Build new relationships and enhance your reputation through a digital conversation
  10. Use tools and automation to monitor and manage the impact you’re having.

Espresso B2B Marketing offers ABM workshops, help with developing plans and strategies and of course – complete end-to-end account-based marketing services. We also offer change-management programs to transform sales, marketing and support into a complete revenue-generating machine.

Oh, and just a couple more things to mention. Account-based advertising (ABA) is a great way to offer content to specific contacts at your target accounts. We’ve turbo-charge some of our programs with ABA, learn more here. And, interested to see how sociography and influencer marketing can add muscle to your ABM programs? Then, check this out.


Image illustrations courtesy of #FlipMyFunnel.