About Us

About Us

Our value proposition as a B2B lead generation and marketing agency

We know that the role of marketing is to produce leads for the sales team.

We’re here for you. We understand the challenges you face building your brand, breaking into new markets and creating sales leads. You’re under pressure – we know that.

It’s not easy in today’s rapidly changing times where the foundations of business continue to move and your buyers’ preferences can shift on a dime. With more than 250 marketing projects behind us, we can’t say that we’ve seen everything – but we’ve put in the time and developed the experience needed to make projects a success.

Founded 10 years ago, we were one of the first agencies to focus solely on content marketing. Our clients include Capgemini, Autodesk, IBM and ServiceNow – plus hundreds of midmarket companies and raw startups.


Specializing in B2B software, services, SaaS and cloud businesses, we’re a full-service agency committed to delivering effective, holistic programs enabling you to achieve your objectives.

With every project we bring experience, energy, enthusiasm and a creative sparkle that will differentiate you from others. Like I said, we’re here for you.

Meet the team

  • Dave Brown

  • Co-founder

Yes, I’ve been in the business 25 years, but there’s not a day goes by when I’m not excited about finding new and better ways of engaging buyers and finding that creative edge for my clients.

And just between us, I do sometimes lie awake at night. But, I’m not tossing and turning, worrying and agonizing – I’m mulling over a new idea, a unique approach or novel concept and I can’t wait until morning comes, when I have my first espresso and can start work in one of the world’s greatest professions.

  • Mark Lennon

  • Co-founder

I bring 20+ years of software and service industry experience to every client engagement. I thoroughly enjoy working with our clients. The “high” comes from helping them to build or improve their marketing machine and, of course, delivering better business results.

The innovation and disruption taking place in marketing these days is a blast. It is exciting to discover what’s new, what works, and how it can help our clients gain an edge over the competition. This, and a few espressos, is what keep me going each day.

My background includes over ten years of enterprise software sales as well as another ten years in marketing. This is a differentiator. Not many marketers have carried a quota. I understand what a sales organization expects from marketing. I understand the value of a great lead. And I understand the need for a truly unique value proposition.


  • Maricel Lennon

  • Art Director

Maricel is the voice behind the design. She converts information into concise visual images that define and differentiate each client. She brings 13 years of print and multimedia design experience with both start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. Some of her clients include: Oracle, McAfee, Intel, Palo Alto Networks, Epson, Ericsson, Pottery Barn, E*Trade, Johnson & Johnson and Lucille Packard Foundation. Maricel has a masters degree in Graphic Design from the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, and her creativity and eye for detail have earned her a collection of awards and recognition over the years. Her past experience also includes being a web and print design instructor at Canada College, in the Silicon Valley.

  • Keven Smith

  • Copywriter

Keven is convinced that crisp, clear language plays a major role in driving action and boosting response.

He held two staff copywriter positions in the software industry before offering himself to clients “a la carte” in 2003. Keven has now written copy for, oh, seven or eight FORTUNE 500 companies, as well as countless midmarket, small, and startup businesses in the software, hardware, consulting, financial services, fitness, telecom, and nonprofit industries.

Although Keven is technically a native of Phoenix, Arizona, he has moved around most of his life (average ZIP code: 76136). Keven is pretty sure he’s the only graduate of Curtis Institute of Music who’s ever worked with Espresso B2B. He also holds a Master of Professional Writing degree from the University of Southern California