Mark Lennon - Espresso B2B Marketing Co-Founder

Mark Lennon



I bring 20+ years of software and service industry experience to every client engagement. I thoroughly enjoy working with our clients. The “high” comes from helping them to build or improve their marketing machine and, of course, delivering better business results.

The innovation and disruption taking place in marketing these days is a blast. It is exciting to discover what’s new, what works, and how it can help our clients gain an edge over the competition. This, and a few espressos, is what keep me going each day.

My background includes over ten years of enterprise software sales as well as another ten years in marketing. This is a differentiator. Not many marketers have carried a quota. I understand what a sales organization expects from marketing. I understand the value of a great lead. And I understand the need for a truly unique value proposition.

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Phone : +1 (650) 855-4042
Email : [email protected]