SEO – San Francisco and Beyond

SEO is the process of getting your content found through natural – or unpaid – search results. It’s part science and part art.

The science comes in when you select a SEO keyword expression for which you think you can rank high. The art comes in when you select keywords that your target buyer is most likely to enter.

Landing on the first page of a search engine such as Google can make a big difference in your overall lead-generation efforts. But that’s just part of the story.

At Espresso B2B, we believe that the true goal of SEO should be to get found not just by everyone who’s surfing the web – but by buyers who are looking for the exact products and services you provide. That means you’ll need to do a lot more than simply rank high on a search engine page. And that’s why our SEO services combine the science of thorough SEO research with the art of understanding your buyer’s needs through a proven process of target prospect analysis and industry experience.

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SEO – San Francisco and Beyond

Espresso offers B2B SEO services to companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationwide.