Marketing Automation

HubSpot. ActOn. Eloqua. Marketo.

They all provide a range of capabilities that enable you to automate your communication with potential buyers and generate valuable leads. These marketing automation systems take the grunt work out of marketing campaigns. According to Gartner Research, companies that automate lead management see an increase in revenue of 10% or more within 6 to 9 months.

But the real challenges in implementing automated marketing programs revolve around building brilliant content, designing campaigns, scoring leads, and measuring and managing the whole process. And that can be a time-consuming and complicated set of tasks. In fact, most companies that invest in marketing automation software aren’t getting the most out of it – in large part because they’ve underestimated the amount of content they’ll need to generate to feed into these systems.

That’s where Espresso comes in

Our writers, designers, and program managers build and run effective lead-generation programs and manage the transition of leads to the sales team. We run the whole process from concept to sales lead to sales force adoption – measuring, managing, and improving the system along the way.

Best of all, we’re good at it. To quote one of our customers, “Espresso contributed to over 300 leads, improved lead conversion rates and launching of active sales cycles, which have resulted in closed business.”

Let us put automated marketing programs to work for you. Contact Espresso for a complimentary marketing automation health check.