Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Ever had a company “come on too strong” by asking for the sale before you’ve had a chance to research the product thoroughly? You were probably dealing with a vendor that didn’t know the first thing about lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing is the process of providing the right content at the appropriate stage in the buyer’s decision-making journey. Many marketers used to look at it as a nice-but-nonessential activity. They’re now starting to see it as critical. Why? Because most B2B buyers need to be “touched” 8-10 times before they’re ready to authorize a major purchase.

Espresso is a B2B lead nurturing agency. We help you develop the messages, build the content, and run the campaigns that convert an early inquiry or a website hit into a well-qualified, sales-ready lead. With lead nurturing, you’ll never make the mistake of sending in your sales closer before the prospect even knows the benefits of your solutions. Instead, you’ll deliver the right marketing content in a sequence that answers your prospect’s questions at each stage of the buying cycle.

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