Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas

Building personas are a great way to ensure the content you create is relevant and nails the target.

Many companies use personas. The best make them living breathing entities that shape the conversation with the audience and influence the channels of communication. Others, well not so much. They create the personas, possibly share it with others in the company, file it away and declare “Job done. Task accomplished. Now let’s get back to writing our blogs and building our eBooks”.

Doesn’t work that way.

Building a persona should involve your whole company – from product development, to marketing, to sales, to customer service and anyone else who has any contact with your customers. They all have input and they should all have ownership of the persona process. It gets everyone on the same page for one thing. But it also ensures that the content you build engages and generates the leads you want.

We’re often called on to help our clients build personas and when we do we take persona development to the next level by building agile, three-dimensional buyer personas.

Read about our 3D Personas here.

3D personas see target buyers as more than just passive recipients of content. They are agents who interpret and respond to the changing world about them- inspired to read a white paper one day and ignore it the next depending on what’s happening in their world.

Using 3D personas our clients have built agile marketing programs with fresh, just-in-time content aimed at an active and constantly changing audience. We’d love to tell you more on this page – but our web wizard wants me to keep the word count down; he knows that I could go on forever on this topic.

So, if you’d like to hear more about our 3D Personas click here for a one-on-one chat.